2009-10-27 · Solaris UNIX: Show Network Routing Table Information last updated October 27, 2009 in Categories Hardware , Monitoring , Networking , Solaris-Unix , UNIX H ow do I show networking routing table information under Solaris UNIX operating systems using a shell prompt?

2020-7-18 · root@solaris:~# route -p add default add net default: gateway add persistent net default: gateway Name Service Configuration Using SMF. The name service configuration is now stored and configured via SMF services instead of via configuration files in /etc. This change is part of a wider set of Solaris 10里如何修 … 2016-3-13 · [Solaris 10里如何修改broadcast]: hostname: loo 网卡名:pcn0 broadcast: 我需要把broadcast改成124.125.10.254 怎么做啊? 我输入 route add default gateway 结果提示 … solaris下,添加静态路由的方法 - 豆丁网 2010-5-15 · solaris 路由 etc route solutionA add metric sun 系统标签: solaris 静态 添加 solutiona route 令系统 更多>> 相关文档

2011-10-18 · For example, the following route commands with -p option will add or delete the persistent static routes. # route -p add 1 # route -p delete Note: -p option works only on solaris 10 with Patch ID: 122539-06 or Solaris 10 KU

在Solaris中添加静态路由_Reboot-CSDN博 … 2011-2-27 · # route add net netmask # route add net # route add host myhostname myrotername The only drawback is static routes are not persistence i.e. routing will be deleted when Solaris box get rebooted.

route add报错SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable 在如何评估线上系统的容量?(二)中我写过,对于target server应该增加一条去往assistant server的静态路由规则。 在实际的使用过程中,有同学反馈在执行route add的时候会提示SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable,这是什么原因呢?

2010-11-2 · 服务器 的的静态路由也可以通过使用in.routed在 文件 /etc/gateways中定义,当使用静态路由时,在内核中的路由表在 系统 启动时被定义,并且通常不会改变,除非使用route或ifconfig 命令修改。当 … How to add a Static Route (persistent) in Sun Solaris To add a Static Route in Sun Solaris operating system, you can use the route command. This will dynamically update the Kernel IP Routing table. However, when a server is restarted, these routes will be lost. To prevent this from happening, add a startup script S76static-routes with all the route commands for the static route that needs to persist.