I think you should call them and ask for 1. reasons you could not send DNS requests to (btw other two IPs are not Google Public DNS) 2. conditions of unblocking it for you You can prepare explanations why you need it when you call them, e.

Configuring Google Safe Search VIP - CleanBrowsing Learn more about Google VIP. Google Safe Search VIP. Google provides a way for parents and schools to enforce safe search on all browsers and devices using your network. That's done by leveraging the SafeSearch Virtual IP address to all Google domains - that can't be undone at the browser level. Note that Safe Search only applies to Google. Google Product Forums Please enable JavaScript in your browser for this page to work. How To Block 99% Of Google (And Why You Shouldn’t Do It) Aug 13, 2012 firewalls - Is it possible to intentionally cause Google

Jul 01, 2020

Feb 28, 2019 · Click Save to finalize and block the IP addresses that you inserted. Remember, if you want to block an IP address across all of your ad campaigns you will need to repeat this process for each campaign in your Google Ads account. It’s important to be sure that the IP address you’re blocking is actually responsible for click fraud. The first line creates a list of IPs and ranges in ipset, called BLOCK; The next five lines block Google Cloud IP ranges to the BLOCK ipset; The last line tells iptables to block any requests to or from any address that matches the BLOCK ipset; As far as I know those are Google Cloud's IP ranges as of writing. Perhaps you can just block google's search engine. Ping google.com and gmail.com come back w/ different IP's. There are browser add-ons that will tell you which IP address your browser is accessing -- you can monitor which IP's you're using that way if not through your firewall. That or move your mail and files to Microsoft's platform. bmb Jun 16, 2014 · The point of a C-Block from Google's perspective and the perspective of our SEO is solely to identify whether links are originating on the same ISP network. So that should obviously remain the focus. So my best guess would be to focus on how these IPs are allocated to ISPs (ISPs normally get large continuous blocks of IP addresses they can then

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