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Free VPN vs Paid VPN - Which One is Better? (Let's Compare) Free VPN vs paid VPN. Well, that’s a pretty easy one. In a comparison between free and paid, free always wins. I use ZenMate every day, but for more intricate uses, I go for paid VPN. However: If you look at the price of one of the few best paid VPN’s, PureVPN, it is $3.33 per month. Free and The fastest VPN || LunaVPN - Chrome Web Store LunaVPN || Unlimited and every time FREE! 50+ Country 1000+ Servers ! High Speed Connection !

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VPN Without Speed Loss. One of the biggest drawbacks of free VPN is throttling. Yeah right, … What is the difference between a free VPN and a paid VPN? On the surface of it, the fundamental difference between a free VPN vs paid VPN is the monthly subscription fee. As we dig deeper, we quickly learn that there is more to this saga than meets the eye! Benefits of using a free VPN service. A free VPN service offers you …