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The map below shows the approximate route of the Antonine Wall (black), along with the route of Hadrian’s Wall (grey). Roman Sites in Britain Browse our interactive map of Roman Sites in Britain to explore our listing of walls, villas, roads, mines, forts, temples, towns and cities. Roman Forts & Fortlets of the Antonine Wall – Interactive Map May 07, 2019 Antonine Wall | Roman wall, Scotland, United Kingdom Antonine Wall, Roman frontier barrier in Britain, extending about 36.5 miles (58.5 km) across Scotland between the River Clyde and the Firth of Forth. The wall was built in the years after ad 142 on the orders of the emperor Antoninus Pius by the Roman army under the command of the governor Lollius Urbicus (Quintus Lollius Urbicus). The wall was of turf on a stone base 15 Roman feet (4.44

Oct 11, 2015

Antonine Wall Facts for Kids

A short length of the Military Way, which ran the length of the wall Defensive lilia pits Fort and annexe defences Multiple ditches and gateways Rough Castle was one of 16 known forts along the Antonine Wall, which was built across Scotland’s central belt from AD 140. The wall formed the north-western frontier of the Roman Empire.

OS Map 1980-1 Survey of the Antonine Wall NS 5050 7228 to NS 5100 7228 The published survey (OS 50 inch 1972) was revised. Accepted line, based on partially extant course on the 1st edition of the OS 2 and a half inch (Dunbartonshire 1862, sheet 23/11), has been slightly adjusted in light of excavation evidence at NS 5083 7226 (see NS57SW 50). Antonine Wall - WorldMap Antonine Wall Abstract: Northernmost frontier barrier of the Roman Empire. The wall was intended to expand the Romans' control in Britain, but the wall suffered many …