YouTube won’t open and Twitter videos won’t play on any

Nov 28, 2018 Why are YouTube videos not playing with Windows 10 Sep 22, 2019 New Windows 10 Upgrade won't play videos from youtube etc

Oct 18, 2018

Nov 14, 2019

Recently, some videos on youtube will not play at all and will instead buffer endlessly. However, for most other videos they play perfectly fine. Ive tried these same videos using my 4G connection and they load normally. Any ideas on what is causing this and potential fixes? Thanks

YouTube Quality Settings. If you are suddenly unable to watch YouTube videos, you may be trying to watch a high-definition video with a slow Internet connection. YouTube automatically loads videos on an "Auto" setting that chooses the best quality video for your player; however, it may choose too high a quality setting for your Internet connection. Cannot play videos youtube or others - HP Support My machine is HP Envy 23se-d394 Touchsmart. All of a sudden I cannot play videos from youtube or others. I have Windows 10 Pro. Message is "An - 5935935 YouTube won’t open and Twitter videos won’t play on any My gf and I were shocked for a good minute or two as it continued to play and she had no call on her phone. Eventually I hung up and tried to call her again and it went through fine. We tried a couple more times and it continued to work normally. How to fix YouTube on Chrome continuing to play audio Feb 19, 2014