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Tunnelblick can get stuck with the status “Resolving domain name” if your computer has invalid DNS configuration, a previous connection was disconnected improperly, or you do not have a working network connection. Try the following: Click disconnect. Verify you have a working internet connection and that the configured DNS resolver works. macOS OpenVPN TunnelBlick - Private Internet Access Tunnelblick will ask if you want to add for All users, or just your user. Enter your computer Admin password to allow the configuration file to be added. Click the Tunnelblick icon in the Menu bar to connect ; Enter your Username and password when prompted. tunnelblick - Translation in LEO’s English ⇔ German Dictionary

For security reasons, tunnelblick must be installed to /Applications, and will request to be moved at launch. Analytics: Installs (30 days) tunnelblick: 2,046: Installs (90 days) tunnelblick: 6,538: Installs (365 days) tunnelblick:

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Manual connection setup with Tunnelblick on macOS

Tunnelblick is a user-friendly and unobtrusive macOS application that enables you to take control over the OpenVPN client and server connections from within a simple and clean interface.. Complete package to connect to a VPN server from your Mac. The Tunnelblick utility comes with all the necessary How to Set Up Tunnelblick for OpenVPN on OS X | ExpressVPN Feb 19, 2020 Tunnelblick (free) download Mac version Dec 28, 2019 tunnelblick — Homebrew Formulae