[SOLVED] Issues with many custom shields (was AirVPN

Common DNS Issues in VPN Networking - TechGenix Common DNS Issues in VPN Networking . DNS issues comprise a major portion of connectivity problems related to ISA Server 2000 firewalls and VPN servers. ISA Server firewall/VPN servers and clients use DNS host name resolution to resolve both internal and external network names. While any discussion of DNS has the potential to become overly Leak Problems with VPN ProxyVM + AirVPN & Network lock The AirVPN GUI has a nice Network lock feature, that works well on the ProxyVM, stops leaks. However, the network lock feature blocks the AppVM too, cutting off its internet. In the AirVPN GUI, there are advanced settings that are suppose to allow lockal vpn traffic. And you can even specify specific IP's. Unfortunately this isnt working. Guaranteed No Stress AirVPN Review Dec 04, 2019

May 25, 2020

AirVPN Review (TESTED - Must-Read!) | GoBestVPN.com AirVPN Conclusion: Acceptable, but you can find better. There’s no arguing that AirVPN is not sitting at the top of our VPN list and that you could find better. But with its strong security policy and user-friendly service, it can compete. It’s a decent VPN service with a great protection system and some nice features. It has a few issues, yes.

Leak Problems with VPN ProxyVM + AirVPN & Network lock

10% OFF AirVPN Coupon Code & Airvpn.org Promo Codes July 2020 Mar 29, 2017 Windows 10 - DNS Issue - Microsoft Community I have repeatedly had issues with DNS in Windows 10. It will work one day, and the next I cannot resolve any A record. a ping of 'google.com' returns a 'could not find host' while a ping of a google IP returns great results. Likewise, in a web browser, I can browse to a Google IP but not the host name. Using Tunnel with AirVPN – Port Forwarding Issue Apr 13, 2020